Tourism Malaysia Office in Paris
Interior Design by Bizarreka Design
Two concepts were developed and deployed to optimally design the interior ofTourism Malaysia in Paris – nature and heritage.
Movableand fixed furniture incorporates wooden structure and elements.  Earth-toned tiles, arboreal walls adornedwith a massive print of the rainforest, and layered stone underneath efficientin-wall shelving all reflect the natural splendor of theMalaysian rainforests. 

Another nature concept space alludes to the serene landscapes of theMalaysian beaches and islands.  Tan andecru stones on the wall complement the woven rug and the khaki sofa, allemulating the warmth and light of a pristine, tropical beach. 
Malay wood carvings are a prominent feature in the distinguished heritageof Malaysia.  Sanskrit for “The Land of Resplendent Bliss” - the traditional 'Langkasuka Style' of architecture isinvoked to produce the wooden frames for these exquisite works.  
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